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 monthly ritual subscription box for dog moms with toys, treats, accessories for dogs & rejuvenating self-care items to lower stress & enjoy the excitement of being a dog mom.

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Free Pet Camera

Keep a Stress-Free Eye on Your Sweet Pup While You’re Away

Never miss a thing your dog is up to while you’re away from home with your free pet camera with your first order! Get instant alerts, enjoy a crystal clear picture, and rest easy with real-time alerts.

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We donate $1.00 from each monthly box to the featured animal welfare group, so your purchase directly supports the rescue efforts you read about.

Together we have donated over $4,400 to shelters and rescues.  


I believe in a world where women allow themselves to put self-love at the top of their priorities.

Our dog’s are amazing at being present in the moment and help make this vision a reality.  Dog Mom Lifestyles brings that pleasure to you too!


Our journey begins with establishing the one essential habit:

a monthly ritual incluing your pup

open box with dog treats and toys

How it Works

One Habit. One Box.

Once a Month.

Treating yourself to a happy monthly ritual of de-stressing and excitement with your dog.

Follow our themed blog to find the best way to use your self-care and lifestyle goodies, plus your pup surprises. You’ll also, have facebook live for your ritual & questions.

Feel empowered knowing you’re monthly ritual of self-care & lifestyle goodies & pampering your pup is saving dogs lives at the same time. 

What’s Inside

Each monthly box contains


Plus Added Benefits…


Uplifting animal rescue stories


Trendy accessories for your pup


Relaxation ritual blog w/ self-care products


Exclusive online community featuring guest experts with helpful tips for you and your pups

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Monthly Ultimate Dog
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Monthly Ultimate Dog Mom Box

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At Dog Mom Lifestyles, we help women create a monthly ritual to de-stress, rejuvenate and nurture self-love & enjoy excitement with their pup.

what people are saying

Just working nights and raising 4 grand babies takes a lot of my time. Literally, hiding in my room with Bug, opening your boxes are our secret guilty pleasure!! Thank you for what joy you give us, without even knowing it!

– Nikki R

I am so happy to see a company that will be serving not only the dogs but their moms as well! Enjoy matching with my dogs and can not wait to see what will receive!

– Ada N

Loving our new box today!!! Exceptional customer service and amazing products!!! We are ecstatic!

– Jenn S