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WagWorthy Naturals 

What do you get when you mix a biochemist, holistic veterinarians, and a commitment to reducing the population of homeless dogs? You get Wagworthy Naturals – the best dog supplements you can find! Not only are they formulated with leading-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested remedies from holistic veterinarians…they also support non-profit animal welfare organizations through their donation program!

Best Life Leashes

What started as a quest to create a dog leash that excels in both style and comfort, quickly evolved into crafting the most meaningful leash you’ve ever known. Best Life Leashes created The Symbol For Rescue Dogs® to signify your dog as a rescue, let others know you’re proud you adopted your dog, and inspire more people to do the same. With the two stripes being shown throughout the world, we don’t have to tell someone they should adopt a dog…instead start asking, “Why wouldn’t you want to?!”

Wear Wag Repeat

If there was ever a movie made based on the true story of how a dog mom started a blog that became an award winning multimedia website, it’d be about Tori Mistick. With her blog posts on style & DIYs, a podcast featuring women in the pet industry, and an online shop with products made by dog moms around the country, it’s no wonder Wear Wag Repeat is known as the ultimate one-stop-shop for dog moms and inspiring pet entrepreneurs.

Dog Mom Lifestyles

Treating yourself and your dog to regular happy and de-stressing rituals together every month is now as easy as opening a box. Dog Mom Lifestyles is the ultimate subscription box service for dog moms and their canine companion. Each one is filled with surprises including self-care, lifestyle, and relaxation items for you, plus natural dog treats and toys for your pup!

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