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November Rescue: Otis

Nov 12, 2020 | Rescue Stories

Otis was just a year old when he was hit by a car and was left paralyzed from the waist down in South Carolina. He can not urinate or defecate by himself, he needs assistance to manually do it for him. He was cared for by many in the St. Francis shelter in South Carolina, they gave him the opportunity to run with the other dogs by providing him with a wheelchair so he does not scrape his legs on the ground. He was so persistent that he learned to use the wheelchair so fast and loved running with the other dogs. He was in the shelter for 6 months, everyone would pass Otis. He was adopted by a family once, but they soon returned him because of all the work Otis required. A shelter worker from St. Francis Animal Center posted about Otis and his situation and Micheal Ripinsky reached out and said that he and the shelter he works for will help transport Otis and help him find a loving home. This shelter was Zani’s Furry Friends ZFF Inc. from New York City.

This gave Otis a whole new opportunity to live the life that he deserves and find the loving family that he so longed for. He was overlooked by many people and was returned because of his special situation. Although his paralysis is not fixable through surgery or therapy, Otis has never seemed to see himself as disabled but as specially-abled. He is not in pain and he does everything that any other dog can do. It just takes that one person to see his potential and that’s exactly what happened when he was adopted on May 16th, 2020. This was the same day he was transported to South Carolina to New York City.

He was adopted by a loving family that spoils him rotten. He deserves everything, especially the love and affection of a family. He does require work like; wearing diapers, carrying him upstairs, wheelchair and bathroom assistance etc. but that didn’t stop his new family from adopting him. He now lives the best life with his older dog brother, Claws, and his older cat sister, Autumn. He loves playing with them both. Everywhere he goes, from South Carolina, to New York City, traveling cross-county to California, everyone falls in love with Otis when they see him. He has a sweet soul and when you look at him, you can see he’s been through a lot but now he’s happy being pampered and living his best life. It just took a special someone to see his potential and that disabled dogs deserve a life to live too.