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March Rescue – Meet Winter $251 Donated

Mar 6, 2023 | Rescue Stories

I’d like to introduce Winter. She is the most athletic, energetic, mischievous, but ever so sweet Siberian husky. We brought her home as a puppy from North Carolina about 4 years ago. She is accompanied by her brother Logan of the same age.

One of Winter’s favorite activity is running alongside me on a bike. She could go for miles! Another would be chasing her brother’s tail. We hope that soon Winter will be able to do all this again.

With Brown Dog Foundation’s help, we were able to get Winter’s surgery done and she is now on the path to recovery. Winter’s injury was a surprise we were not financially prepared for so it was difficult for us. Which is why I can’t say enough about how helpful the Foundation was to us.

We will forever be grateful.

Want to learn more about Brown Dog Foundation, you can find them at the below listed locations!