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June Rescue – Meet Ben $253 Donated

Jun 7, 2023 | Rescue Stories

Ben is a 6 year old male dog. He is friendly and submissive. Our friends at Rolda discovered him as he was abandoned at his last shelter, he enjoys going on walks and playing with other dogs. he also really enjoys people interaction and is overall a very healthy dog. If you would like to help him or even consider adopting this adorable little boy I know that Rolda would be happy to find him a loving and caring home.

ROLDA is an international nonprofit organization that helps the abused, neglected, homeless animals as well as the pet owners from the poorest regions of Romania that struggle to look after their pets responsibly.

Romania is still a developing country with little wealth compared to Western nations and still recovering from the economic ruin and tyranny of a Soviet regime. During communist times, people were forced to live their houses, which were demolished because of the industrialization policy. Families were forced to move in tiny apartments, the state’s property, where they were not allowed to bring dogs, cats …or wasn’t any room for pets.

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