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July Rescue – Meet Rosalie $250 Donated

Jul 2, 2023 | Rescue Stories

Rosalie is a beautiful pup who can’t wait to be your new BFF! She spent some time in a home where we learned that this lovely lady is housebroken, not destructive, and very calm and relaxed in the home. She’s low to medium energy and happy with a leisurely walk. She has excellent leash skills! She is cuddly and loves belly rubs from the people she knows best.

She sometimes takes a minute getting to know new friends, but is so loyal and affectionate to the people she knows well. Spend a little time with her and you’ll see, she loves her person! Yes, Rosalie is a true monogamist and would be happiest with just one person to focus all her love upon. She’s a smart cookie too (and SUPER treat-motivated) who’s learned so many tasks already too – like follow, come, touch, and wait. She’d love to learn more in her home!

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