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February Rescue: Browne $115 Donated

Mar 11, 2022 | Rescue Stories

Looking at her now, we can only imagine what kind of hell Browne’s “owner” put her through before she was discovered in a friend’s back yard at 3 AM. Not only did Browne’s owner neglect her until she was a walking skeleton, but then, as if she hadn’t already suffered enough, the person that was supposed to love and protect her, tied her mouth and legs shut so tightly that she had no option other than to helplessly lay there and feel every ounce of pain inflicted on her.

You truly do not need to know Browne at all to know that she’s lived through unimaginable pain because her gut-wrenching condition speaks for itself. She is painted in cuts and bruises, her overgrown toenails are curling into her raw paw pads, you can count every rib inside her body, and her snout leaves a trace of a rubber band that once tied her mouth shut. Why this was done to her is not something that matters – because regardless of her actions, she did NOT deserve this. No animal, no living, breathing being deserves this kind of treatment. And we all are heartbroken for her.

When Milo’s Dog Rescue of South Florida got the call about this innocent little baby, our hearts just about fell out of our chests. Without minutes to spare, we jumped into action and rushed Browne to the emergency vet to begin life-saving treatment. The good news is Browne should make a full recovery, but she has a long road ahead -not only physically, but also emotionally.