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December Rescue – Meet Brandi $352 Donated

Dec 16, 2023 | Rescue Stories

For a family of three (Mother, son, and a chihuahua named Curly Fry), an unexpected, unplanned, addition of fur on the furniture was about to come into our lives as an element we didn’t know was missing; and soon could not live without. Brandi – a 6 week old “Chipit“ (Chihuahua/Pit mix) – presented herself as tangible proof of a breed many have joked about existing. She came into our lives free of charge, and immediately entrusted her Papa as a cozy bed to nestle in for the ride home.

One day, our world would be flipped upside down at the mercy of a speeding car. While crossing the street with me, Brandi encountered a blow-up Christmas lawn ornament. It frightened her and made her dart back into the street, which was inhabited by a 4-wheeled crocodile that bit down and spit her out with lacerations to her side and legs, breaking both her right legs, shattering her back leg, and inflicting road rash to her underbelly, chin, and nose. Flashbacks of the accident continue to haunt me.

The good news, if that’s even possible in a situation like this, was that all her organs, lungs, and bladder made it through the impact unharmed, with no broken ribs. A MIRACLE. However, after the second set of x-rays, an initial diagnosis to amputate her profoundly fractured back leg, and an unsuccessful attempt to reposition and splint a leg, the only success at that point was the many sutures performed to close up the huge gash on her side and many small cuts in her legs.

Worry and the uncertain future ahead sparked a mission for financial coverage to provide Brandi with the medical attention she needed to guarantee a quality of life deserving of a loved, and equally loving, family member.

We reached out to neighbors, friends, and family through a fundraiser on GoFund.Me. This was the foundation for hope that I needed. We researched other avenues for help, and then by the grace of God, the hope we yearned to encounter, happened. Stumbling upon through a Google search, I was drawn to a listing of the key element Brandi needed. An incredibly compassionate, volunteer non-profit by the name of The Brown Dog Foundation, would respond to my application for assistance the very next morning, within hours of reaching out to them.

Our dream of finding the care Brandi needed had come true!!! BROWN DOG FOUNDATION SAVED MY BRANDI’S LIFE! Because of them, my baby will walk again, run again, play again, and be the beautiful puppy she has always been since the day she came into our lives, puppy breath and all! YOU ARE LOVED BRANDI! THANK YOU BROWN DOG!! THANK YOU!!

 Brandi received assistance through the VetBilling Repayment Program which means her dad will repay the grant over time, making it possible for Brown Dog, Brandi and James to help another family in the future.

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