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August Rescue – Meet Mr. Big $115 Donated

Aug 4, 2022 | Rescue Stories

august rescue dog

Mr. BIG was found tied up and abandoned outside our local dog pound (La Ciebam). Our rescue friends at SOS El Arca reached out to us to see if we were able to help this poor little senior guy. We were more than happy to accept him into our program since SOS El Arca is absolutely bursting at the seems!

What we know so far:

•He is approx. 14 years old

•Weighs only 2.5 kgs/5.5 lbs

•Severely malnourished

•Extremely dehydrated

•Fighting a severe infection

•Heartworm (-)

•Ehrlichia (-)

•Anaplasmosis (-)

We will give this little man a couple of weeks of good, high-calorie food to give his body a chance to recover before we have him neutered, microchipped, and a dental cleaning. His teeth poor teeth are in horrible shape!

This is another shining example of the community coming together to help yet another animal in need.

snoopi project

You can learn more about The Snoopi Project Animal Rescue here