April Rescue-Helping Ukraine

May 4, 2022 | Rescue Stories | 0 comments

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ADA Foundation for Protected Animals!Β 

This month we are doing things a little different, as we didn’t just want to focus on one dog but many that have been saved by the ukrainian war currently going on. We will be donating to this cause to help our poor animals that have been impacted by the war in ukraine.

Help, don’t be indifferent. When you hear a lament and a request for help, no one should be indifferent.

It’s today and tomorrow that depends on each of us. Loyal to their values, we will not stop, we will not give up evil.

We fight on the front of our hearts for every Animal life because we believe that love will always win. We know food and food assistance, we evacuate Animals that need immediate care. Thanks to you we can operate.

You can find additional info for them at www.facebook.com/centrumadopcyjne