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April Rescue – Meet Simba $255 Donated

Apr 4, 2023 | Rescue Stories

Our old resident, Simba, returned back to our rescue because his owner passed. Simba’s story is heartbreaking.

Simba was born in Anan, Jordan in the Middle East. As a puppy he was tortured by a gang of boys. They cut off part of his ear, they cut off his tail, they broke his legs, they smashed his mouth and threw him in a ditch to die.

A rescue saved him. He is missing several teeth and one sticks out of his mouth. A family from Buffalo, NY read about him in the news and knew they had to save him so they pulled together the money to fly him to their home. He lived with his family for four years but was no longer able to stay because the family ran a small daycare at their home and he was not good with strangers. After reaching out to many rescues who would not take him, they were going to euthanize him. We received a v/m the night before his appointment, & when the call was returned the next morning, he was already at the appointment. They canceled the procedure & brought him to the rescue that weekend.

Simba went on to make many friends at the rescue & is an extremely lovable doggo. Unfortunately, it took 2 years to find his home due to his selective acceptance of people. But once he trusts & loves someone, it is forever. Simba needs a home with no children, no cats & VERY limited strangers visiting.

Simba had a terrible start at life but got to experience love by a family who saved him. Simba does not trust easily, but when he does, he will love you unconditionally.

If you are interested in adding Simba to your family, please complete an application on our website:

Learn more about this month’s rescue and visit Canine Rescue of Central PA