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Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala

I recently had the incredible privilege of being one of the sponsors for  the 5th annual prestigious gala by  Vanderpump Dog Foundation, held at the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills. Where glitz, glamor, and a shared passion for animal welfare came together in a truly unforgettable evening. As proud sponsors of this remarkable event, we were inspired by the Foundation’s unwavering dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need, making a positive impact in the lives of countless dogs.

Dog Mom Lifestyles was honored to be part of the festivities by sponsoring alongside Carol Smock and her organization Brown Dog Foundation.

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala, was a star-studded affair that brought together celebrities, influencers, philanthropists, and animal lovers alike. The evening kicked off with a red carpet entrance, where attendees posed for photographs and showcased their support for the cause. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation, as guests mingled and shared stories of their own dog companions.

One of the main highlights of the gala was the fundraising efforts aimed at supporting the Vanderpump Dog Foundation’s vital work. Through live auctions, silent auctions, and generous donations, attendees rallied together to contribute to the Foundation’s mission of rescuing and providing a second chance to dogs in need. The funds raised during the gala will play a crucial role in supporting ongoing rescue efforts, medical care, adoption programs, and advocacy initiatives.

Some of the things that left a lasting impression on me was the dedication for the fight against the Yulin festival. The best moment to me was when Lisa Vanderpump passionately talked about the ongoing battle against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Her words and efforts ignited a fire within us all, reminding us of the urgency to end this horrific event and protect innocent lives.

Throughout the night, the Vanderpump team showcased their dedication to raising awareness and educating the public about responsible pet ownership. They emphasized the importance of compassion, proper care, and adoption.

Then there were the adoption success stories.  The gala featured the most heartwarming adoption success stories that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Witnessing the transformation of the dogs that were rescued  and  finding their forever homes reaffirmed the incredible impact Vanderpump Dogs have on dogs and cats’ lives.

Attending the Vanderpump Dog Gala was an unforgettable experience. It was powerful and fun to see the support from celebrities and influencers who attended the gala. Their presence helped amplify Lisa’s message and spread awareness. To raise funds the gala had  live auction and fundraising efforts which were truly inspiring. Everyone came together and generously contributed to fund the initiatives aimed at rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving homes for countless dogs Just another reminder of why I do what I do with Dog Mom Lifestyles. Together we have the power to make a tangible difference.

jocelyn from dog mom lifestyles at the vanderpump dog foundation gala

The Subsummit Cube Awards

The Cube Awards is the first and only ceremony in the industry that acknowledges the most successful and influential brands in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription space.

Just like the Oscars are for actors, SubSummit is for all subscription services, and memberships like Netflix or Bark-Box!!!

Dog Mom Lifestyles had the honor of winning best PET BOX in 2022 by Year Of Boxes, which was a huge achievement for us. This year we were one of the final 5 nominees; alongside the following giants, Ask Vet, The Farmer’s Dog, Pet Plate, Meowbox.  

A panel of new judges, every year, chooses the nominees for the Cube Awards ceremony. This judging panel is made up of thought leaders such as, CMO Neil Hoyne of Google, vendors, and merchants, who have succeeded in this industry. The way we were are judged is based on the following:

  • Innovation & Creativity: The companies that have done the best over the long haul are those that are the most creative and innovative. These organizations don’t copy what others do; instead, they may use innovative ideas from others as a springboard to come up with a unique application, product, or service for themselves.
  • Executional Excellence:  From the look and feel of the box, delivery time to the customer’s doorstep, to interactions from the customer service team, each touchpoint must be superior and memorable in a positive way. 
  • Customer Delight:  Brands honor the tremendous value of their customers by exceeding customer expectation and customer reviews, financial success, and social impact.

We are so grateful and honored to have been nominated. Thank you for continuing to support this journey I started by helping dogs in need each and every month!I could not do what I do without your support

Podcast Interview with Wear Wag Repeat

wear wag repeat


Thank you to Tori for giving me an opportunity to speak with you on your dog mom podcast. Such a fun experience discussing my adventure into becoming the founder of “Dog Mom Lifestyles” and what brought me here. 

If you would like to take a listen feel free to head on over to her podcast on either apple, or spotify. I assure you it will be worth the listen!


  • What inspired me to start my own business
  • How my health and stress can affect my dog’s wellbeing
  • Using subscription boxes as a community membership
  • What I wish I knew before she started
  • Why it’s okay to ask for help