Our Story

I am Jocelyn, the Founder of Dog Mom Lifestyles and BooDog Lifestyles.

I’m someone who is obsessed with dogs and the amazing way they make you feel. Being a serial entrepreneur led me to focus on building brands that I’m passionate about with a focus on animal welfare. Recently, I felt called to create a community of like-minded dog moms, who are interested in allowing their dog’s total faith in them transform the way they see themselves: filling them with confidence and self-belief.

Join me on this unique journey empowering women, connecting dog moms and enjoying the simple pleasures in life with our pups. For my life would be so different if I did not follow my passion for dogs, and I truly feel saved by my dogs and the amazing women who have entered my life because of them. So excited for you to come on this journey with me. We can make a difference in the lives of animals and women, so lets be unapologetically fabulous while we do it together.