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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Enrich Your Pet’s Environment

Jul 12, 2023 | Dog Mom Stuff

Dogs, cats and other pets can get bored just like we do. When i’m bored I tend to get tired, feel sluggish or binge watch my favorite TV series. Keeping our minds and bodies active is important for our health, and science shows this is true for pets, too.

I realized that my dog needed more activity when she was having accidents in the house or just would get herself into things she shouldn’t be doing. This was a true reflection of her needing more enrichment in her life so that she wouldn’t get bored or do things she wasnt’t suppose to.

There are many ways you can add some stimulation into your pet’s world that don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out these easy and green pet-parent projects you can try this spring.

Make a pet bed or pillow out of your old clothes

Recycling your old clothes is a great way to give them a second life. Take an old sweater or something with a thicker material and turn it into a comfy pet bed or pillow. Here’s an easy tutorial to follow.  Your dog will love cozying up on a bed that smells like you!

Tie up your clothes for tug toys!

This is great for those of you who don’t sew. Take your old jeans and make chew toys for your dog like in this tutorial This would be awesome for a large breed dog to play with them and give them a little bonding time with you.

Pick eco-friendly pet toy companies

Many dog toy companies are paying close attention to their carbon pawprint these days. If we are more conscious of the toys we let our dogs have and play with we are making an impact in the environment by doing so. Checkout these eco-friendly pet-toy companies listed on

Build a cardboard box pet house

A couple boxes might be all your pet needs for some exercise and entertainment. Get creative and make an “obstacle” course with hidden treats or cut it to make a fun fort! Different heights and sizes will help your pet use their body in new ways.

P.S. Dogs often like playing in cardboard boxes too!

Make toilet paper or paper towel treat rolls

You can have some fun by turning a toilet paper roll into a little treat game. [LINK TO] This would be good for dogs who love to sniff things or constantly be active with their mouth or paws. Make sure to supervise your pet during this activity, especially if your pet likes to chew and eat cardboard.

Being eco-friendly in all areas of my life is important. I try to be conscious when it comes to using too much plastic in my home as I know how bad it can be for the environment.

So tell us, which of these little projects are you going to try? Let us know by commenting below or sharing your feedback on social media. 

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