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September Monthly Ritual – Discover the Blissful Surprises for Dog Moms in our Tea Time Collection!

Sep 6, 2023 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

As the leaves start to don their autumnal hues and a refreshing chill graces the air, there’s a certain magic in the season that beckons us to slow down and savor every moment. This month, as a devoted dog mom, I’ve taken that inspiration to heart and crafted a box that encapsulates the serene essence of fall. Our summer beach days may be behind us, but the promise of cozy, crisp days ahead is something to celebrate. It’s a season of self-care, quality time with our pups, and the simple joy of pampering ourselves just a little more. Join me on this journey as we delve into a world of fall delights, specially curated for dog moms who relish every moment spent with their pups. From protecting our skin under the gentle autumn sun to heartwarming surprises for both you and your dog, this box is a testament to the bond we share with our loyal companions and the tranquil beauty of fall. So, let’s unwrap the treasures within and embrace a season of tranquility and joy together.

september dog mom box

Shower Steamer for Dog Moms

Introducing our Dog Bone Shower Steamer – a little slice of relaxation heaven designed with dog moms in mind! As you step into the shower, let this delightful steamer melt your worries away with its soothing aromas. It’s like a mini spa session that leaves you refreshed and ready to seize the day, all while celebrating your deep bond with your four-legged friend. After all, you deserve a moment of self-care, and this steamer is here to make it even more special. 

shower steamer, dog mom gift

Botanica by Spongelle

Unveil a soothing  bath time experience like no other for the devoted dog mom in you!  Immerse yourself in a fragrant oasis as you gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin. With a touch of self-indulgence, this sponge transforms your daily shower into a spa-like retreat, allowing you to emerge feeling reinvigorated and ready to cherish moments with your pup. It’s a little luxury that speaks to the heartfelt connection between dog moms and their loyal companions. 

botanica by spongelle

I Love My Dog Journal

Your new best friend for capturing those precious moments with your pup! Embrace the art of reflection as you document your adventures, from playful fetch sessions to heartwarming cuddles. This journal is more than just a book; it’s a love letter to the bond you share with your pup, ensuring that every cherished memory is etched in ink and treasured forever. 

dog journal for dog moms

Wrap yourself in love and doggone good vibes with our September Trendy Tee – “A Dog Tail Never Lies.” Each month, we curate exclusive designs that not only inspire your wardrobe but also let you wear your love for dogs proudly. It’s more than just a tee; it’s a statement of your devotion to your pups. Don’t miss out on this tail-wagging fashion statement – grab yours today from our online store and let your shirt do the talking! 

dog tails t-shirt for dog moms

Get ready to spoil your pup with some tail-wagging surprises this September! It’s time to dive into the fun and pamper your furry friend. Are you excited to see those happy tails in action? Then let’s explore the doggy delights that await!

Spunky Pup Bark Brittle

The ultimate canine delight for your pup with a taste for the extraordinary!  Made with nothing but the finest beef liver and rice, these treats are a symphony of flavor and wholesome goodness. As a dog mom, you’ll love knowing that every nibble is packed with clean, natural ingredients that make your pup’s tail wag with joy. Treat your pup to the crunchy goodness they deserve – it’s a simple yet delicious way to show your love and keep those tails spinning! 

bark brittle for dogs

Kong Kozy King Lion

Your pup’s new best friend for cuddles, play, and endless joy! Crafted with love, this plush lion is not just cute; it’s a bundle of happiness ready to brighten your dog’s day. Whether they’re snuggling up or indulging in some spirited playtime, this toy promises to be their constant companion in moments of fun and comfort. Gift your dog a roaring good time and watch as their tail wags with delight!

kong kozy lion

Lickimat Buddy

Your pup’s passport to hours of sheer delight and tasty adventure!  This innovative mat is more than just a toy; it’s a source of endless entertainment and delicious rewards. Slather it with your pups favorite treat, and watch them embark on a licking journey that’s not only fun but also mentally stimulating. Keep their tails wagging and their minds engaged with this unique playtime treat – it’s a lickin’ good time your dog will savor! 

lickimat buddy

Next month’s theme: Three Year Anniversary Fall Time

We are so excited to share with you the October box. It’s full of all the warmth and beauty that fall brings with some added extra goodies for an annual celebration.