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May Monthly Ritual – Empowered & Inspiring Greatness

May 9, 2022 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

May Spring Flowers are in the air, and it’s time to focus on ways to empower and inspire yourself daily. This month’s box is all about becoming the best version of yourself through motivational products that help you self reflect daily. 

So let’s dive into all the goodies together.

Uplifting Words of Wisdom

It’s a beautiful sunny morning and you are about to start your day. Use this beautifully crafted frame filled with inspiring messages/phrases that are sure to uplift you with the day ahead.  

Comes in a wooden keepsake box, there are 80 themed phrases to choose from, 40 double sided pages. Create an inspiring display and enjoy the gentle empowering messages given. 

We believe in finding ways each day to help you start your day right. As well as put yourself in a positive mindset. 

What other ways do you help boost your day in a positive direction with your dog?

Body Whipped Souffle

After a long day, it’s time to rejuvenate yourself and give your skin a little extra attention when needed. Also let’s not forget about the unique one of a kind paw print body soap bar, made just for our dog moms. This body soap is sure to make your skin feel paw-ferct and nourishing! 

Jocelyn loves this souffle and feels it’s the perfect buttery feeling on your skin, to hold the moisture in & the added paw soup is the perfect blend. Not too greasy but just creamy and smooth! 

With it’s all natural ingredients and nourishing nutrients you will get the feeling of silky soft skin day after day!

Hello Gorgeous Empowerment Book

To pair with your inspiring words of wisdom, take your daily routine to the next level with this powerful collection of straight-talking advice and striking images to help you stay motivated everyday. 

Flip with ease through this book, filled with stunning artwork from The Oliver Gal Artist Co. to find inspirational quotes and stories from outstanding women whenever you need a cheerleader by your side.

Our life as a dog mom is all about being positive and feeling inspired daily, so let’s use this incredible book to hold ourselves accountable.

“Now let’s talk about our furry best friend and how we can 

help them relax and enjoy their little monthly ritual.”

Mutt Mallows Banana

For a daily treat for your pup be sure to give them something they will enjoy, with bursting banana flavors and nothing but wholesome ingredients. 

This flavor is b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Ice cream sundae anyone?! These buddies are the ultimate puppy-sundae substitute with a fresh banana flavor. The toughest part is getting mom to keep her paws out of the bag!!! More banana buddies for me, please! Since 2001 The Lazy Dog Cookie Co believes your dog deserves the best! Using the highest quality ingredients, their treats are not only viciously delicious, but are also naturally nutritious. Having antioxidant rich honey oven-baked in every bite and being free of wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products, egg, salt, sugar and preservatives their sensational health benefits “lick” the competition. So, when it comes right down to it they’re just good wholesome treats you can feel good about giving. Our dogs absolutely love them and yours will too!

Dog Accessory Bandana

What dog doesn’t love a little accessorizing? We love throwing in a little style in our boxes for our little fur babies. 

They are sure to get an “awww so cute” when on their daily walks. A little extra pets and snuggles with this cute and fashionable bandana. 

Made of great quality and designed for the best dog loving mama. We know you will love this, and so will your pooch!

Avocado Zippy Paw Plush Toy

With this cute squeaky food inspired toy, your dog is sure to feel relaxed and playful when chewing on this yummy toy!!

NomNomz® are your favorite foods, now in plush form for your pups! Feed your dog’s inner foodie with these “delicious” yummy treats, one bite and they’ll be in doggie heaven.


Why We Love It
  • Yummy food-inspired plushies
  • Soft, squeaky toy
  • It’s avoca-DORABLE!

If you loved your Dog Mom Crate this month, let us know! We would love your feedback on your monthly ritual experience. 

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