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May Monthly Ritual – Dog Mom Box: Happiness is Being a Dog Mamma

May 17, 2024 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

Indulge in the ultimate Dog Mom experience this May with a luxurious ritual designed to create lasting memories and celebrate the unwavering happiness of being a true Dog Mamma!

Imagine this: May’s soft, sun-kissed palette whispers of blooming roses and gentle warmth, perfectly reflecting the blossoming bond you share with your furry confidante. Inside this exquisite box, you’ll discover treasures to capture the essence of your pup’s playful spirit – think paw print keepsakes and stunning photo accessories. But we haven’t forgotten about you, mamma! Luxuriate in pampering self-care essentials, infused with calming scents to melt away the day’s stress. And to complete this decadent experience, a delectable treat and an irresistible toy await your playful pup. Every single item has been hand-selected to help you celebrate your Dog Mom status, and to forever capture the memory of your joyous, furry, fabulous canine companion.


contents of february valentine's dog mom box

All You Need is Love & a Dog Photo Frame

This charming wooden frame captures the joy and love that fills your heart every time you look at your furry best friend! Delicate paw print patterns adorn the top and bottom, while the heartwarming sentiment “All You Need Is Love & A Dog” reminds you of the unbreakable bond you share. 

The classic cream color and distressed finish complements any décor, and the sturdy easel allows for effortless tabletop display.  Spend a little time this month finding just the right pic to print to 5×3″ size and the perfect place where you’ll see it every day! More than just a frame, it’s a cherished reminder of the unconditional love your dog brings to your life.

January Dog Mom Box

Luxurious Whipped Soap and Exfoliating Body Scrubber

Pamper your skin with this delightful whipped soap, a moment of pure indulgence you deserve as a dedicated dog mom. The rich texture envelops your skin, leaving it feeling soft, hydrated, and irresistibly smooth. The captivating scents of eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary, and lavender awaken your senses, making every shower a rejuvenating escape.

Then buff away the day’s worries and reveal radiant skin with our gentle Exfoliating Round Body Scrubber. This soft, pink sponge pairs perfectly, transforming your shower into a luxurious self-care ritual. The gentle texture effectively buffs away dullness, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and deeply cleansed.

This is our monthly reminder to you to be cure to take precious moments for self-care, a reward for the loving care you provide every day for your dog!


dog mom tote
dog mom box dog bandana

Poochie Butter Cheeeeeeeezy Soft Chewies

These crumbly and chewy treats are the perfect way to make tails wag and dog moms smile during those special bonding moments. Each bite is a delicious burst of cheesy goodness, crafted with all-natural ingredients that are soft and gentle on your pup’s teeth.

Made with wholesome ingredients like barley flour, rolled oats, and real cheddar and parmesan cheese, these chews are a healthy and irresistible treat your furry friend will love. So go ahead, share a ‘cheeeeeeezy’ smile and a delicious treat with your furry best friend!


dog mom box caru dog bites

Paw Ink Pad from Pearhead

Capture precious paw prints and create lasting memories with your furry friend using the Pearhead Clean Touch Paw Ink Pad! This innovative product lets you create adorable keepsakes without ever getting ink on your pup. Simply press their paw onto the special ink pad and watch a detailed imprint magically appear on the included card.

It’s a mess-free and stress-free way to celebrate your dog’s unique personality and milestones, from tiny puppy paws to those big, happy prints. Go ahead, create pawsome memories that will last a lifetime!


dog mom box berry cute dog toy

Pink Elephant Cozie Dog Toy from Kong

Unleash hours of fun for your furry friend with the Kong Cozie dog toy! This soft, cuddly and incredibly cute plush elephant provides light to moderate chewers with endless entertainment while stimulating their natural instincts. The extra layer of material ensures the toy’s durability, making it perfect for playful pups who love to sink their teeth into something soft. Watch your dog’s delight soar as they cuddle, toss, and play with this adorable pink elephant, a toy that’s sure to become a playtime favorite.

While the size or toy may vary based on your pup’s size, the joy this Kong Cozie toy brings is priceless!


dog mom box berry cute dog toy

The May Trendy Tee

Here’s our exclusive Trendy Tee for May!  The message is simple and proud, proclaiming your special role as a Dog Mom with a subtle floral for spring. 

Why not add a splash to your summer wardrobe with fresh new dog-loving vibes! Join our Trendy Dog Mom T-Shirt Club or upgrade your Dog Mom subscription box to VIP status and receive this pawsome extra goodie: A colorful stylish tee delivered straight to your door each month. Show off your love for your furry best friend with exclusive new designs and stay on top of the latest dog mom trends!

Subscribe now or upgrade to our VIP box and let the whole world see your love for your dog shine!



dog mom box trending tee
dog mom box trending tee


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