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March Monthly Ritual – Indulge Your Pup in a Spa Day with You!

Mar 8, 2023 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

The inspiration behind this month’s subscription box came from the month of March, which is commonly associated with the color green, owing to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. In order to stay true to the spirit of the month, I decided to incorporate both green and mint into the theme of the box, since mint is also a shade of green. By incorporating these elements, our subscribers can expect a refreshing and rejuvenating experience that is perfect for spring.

Minty Fresh Rose Milk Soap

The Rose Milk Massage Soap Bar is a true game-changer when it comes to self-care. This luxurious soap bar is crafted with the finest ingredients, including shea butter and rose milk, to help you relax and unwind after a long day.

When you first hold the soap bar, you’ll notice its smooth texture and divine aroma of rose petals. Once you start using it, you’ll feel the soothing sensation of the shea butter working its magic on your skin. This soap bar is not only great for cleaning your body, but it also doubles as a massage bar, making it perfect for some self-pampering.

To use the Rose Milk Massage Soap Bar, simply lather it up with some water, and gently massage it onto your skin in a circular motion. The creamy texture of the soap combined with the moisturizing properties of shea butter will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated. Plus, the relaxing scent of rose petals will transport you to a serene oasis, helping you destress and unwind.

Dual Action Facial Brush & Headband

The Dual Action Facial Brush and Soft and Cozy Headband Set is the ultimate self-care duo that you never knew you needed! This set is the perfect way to pamper yourself and achieve that glowing, refreshed look that we all crave.

The Dual Action Facial Brush is a game-changer when it comes to skincare. This brush has two sides – one with soft bristles for gentle exfoliation and another with a silicone pad for a deeper cleanse. The bristles are soft enough to use daily, yet effective enough to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue from your skin. The silicone pad side of the brush is perfect for a deeper cleanse, helping to unclog pores and remove impurities from your skin.

And what better way to complete your self-care routine than with the Soft and Cozy Headband? This headband is not only adorable, but it’s also incredibly practical. It’s made with soft, plush fabric that’s gentle on your skin, and it keeps your hair out of your face while you pamper yourself with the facial brush.

To use the Dual Action Facial Brush and Soft and Cozy Headband Set, simply wet your face and apply your favorite cleanser. Then, use the brush in circular motions, starting with the soft bristle side for gentle exfoliation and finishing with the silicone pad side for a deeper cleanse. Enjoy your freshly cleansed, glowing skin!

Aloe Vera Face Mask

The Aloe Vera Soothing Face Mask is the ultimate way to relax and treat yourself to a little self-care. This mask is packed with natural ingredients, including aloe vera, to help calm and hydrate your skin.

The aloe vera plant is known for its incredible soothing and healing properties, making it the perfect ingredient for a face mask. When applied to the skin, aloe vera helps to reduce inflammation and redness, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

To use the Aloe Vera Soothing Face Mask, simply apply a generous layer to your clean, dry face, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. As the mask works its magic, you’ll feel a cool, refreshing sensation on your skin, and you can use this time to relax, read a book or meditate.

After 15 minutes, rinse the mask off with warm water and gently pat your face dry with a soft towel. You’ll be left with soft, smooth, and hydrated skin that looks and feels amazing!

Dog Mom T-Shirt for March

The “Dogtrovert” t-shirt is the perfect addition to any dog lover’s wardrobe. This cute and playful design is sure to make a statement and brighten up any outfit. The bold print showcases your love for your pup friend while the punny play on words adds a touch of humor. Made with high-quality materials, this t-shirt is not only stylish but also comfortable and durable. Whether you’re running errands or going for a walk with your pup, the “Dogtrovert” t-shirt is the ultimate must-have for any dog lover who wants to show off their fun and quirky side.

“Get ready to spoil your pup companions with some paw-some treats this March! It’s time to indulge your pups with some dental treats and pampering, so let’s dive in and make this month extra special for them. Are you ready to see those tails wagging with excitement? Then let’s get started and give our dog friends the love and attention they deserve!”

Dental Cleaning Kit

As a dog mom, you know how important it is to keep your pup friend’s teeth and gums healthy. That’s where the Premium Dental Kit for dogs comes in!

This kit includes a water additive, finger brushes, and toothpaste, making it easy to keep your pup’s teeth in tip-top shape.

The water additive is a great way to promote healthy teeth and fresh breath. Just add it to your pup’s water bowl, and let the magic begin! The finger brushes are perfect for those hard-to-reach areas, and the toothpaste is specially formulated to be both effective and tasty. Your pup will actually enjoy getting their teeth brushed!

With the Premium Dental Kit, you’ll be able to clean your dog’s teeth 2-3 times a week, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in their oral health. Your four legged compaion will have a sparkling smile and fresh breath, making them even more lovable than they already are.

Dogtastic Salmon & Coconut Duck Treats

Treat your pup friend to something special with our Salmon and Coconut Duck Dogtastic dog treats. These treats are made with only the best ingredients to ensure your pup gets the nutrition they need and the flavor they crave.

Each bite of these treats is packed with high-quality salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help support your pup’s immune system, skin and coat health, and joint function. Coconut is also added to the mix, which contains lauric acid that supports brain function and immune health. And let’s not forget about the duck, which is a great source of protein to help build and maintain strong muscles.

All of these wholesome ingredients are combined to create a treat that your dog will go crazy for. Plus, they’re free from any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your pup.

Happy Hour Green Beer Toy (dependent on size of dog)

Dog moms, get ready to paw-ty with our Happy Hour Crusherz squeaky plush dog toy! 

Not only is this toy adorable, but it’s also made with your pup’s happiness in mind. The soft and squishy texture makes it perfect for cuddling, while the built-in squeaker adds an extra level of excitement. Plus, it’s tough enough to withstand even the most playful of pups, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart after just a few rounds of fetch.

But let’s be real, the best part about this toy is the fact that it looks just like your favorite happy hour drink! It’s the perfect accessory for any dog mom who wants to share her love of drinks with her four legged companion. So go ahead, crack open a cold one (for your pup, of course) and let the paw-ty begin!

Alternative Dog Toy – Glow in the Dark Worm

Looking for a toy that will keep your pup entertained even after the sun goes down? Check out this adorable glow-in-the-dark worm toy! This cute and cuddly toy is perfect for the pup who loves a nighttime adventure. Simply expose it to light for a few minutes, then watch it glow in the dark as your pup plays and snuggles. The soft and squishy texture makes it perfect for cuddling, while the built-in squeaker adds an extra level of excitement. And let’s be honest, who can resist those adorable little eyes and cute little smile? 

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