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March Monthly Ritual – Dog Mom Box: Tiny Paws and Hands

Mar 14, 2024 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

March may have roared in like a lion or snuck in like a lamb for you, but either way, we invite you to unwind and recharge with your furry best friend! Our delightful Dog Mom Box for March is the perfect way to embrace this month of self-care, love, and pampering for you and your pup. Before the spring adventures kick off, treat yourselves to some quality cuddle time and shared surprises!

In the spirit of ‘Tiny Paws and Hands,’ this month’s box is a pampering paradise for you and your furry BFF. Unwrap a box filled with hand-care goodies that’ll leave you feeling fabulous, plus pawsitively adorable paw-themed surprises for both of you!

contents of february valentine's dog mom box

Spongelle Hand Wash Infused Buffer

Begin your March monthly ritual by immersing yourself in a spa-like experience every time you wash your hands. Spongelle’s soap-infused sponge combines the cleansing power of enriched soap with the gentle touch of a soft sponge. This all-in-one marvel pampers your skin and nails with a blend of moisturizing glycerin, soothing shea and cocoa butters, and calming oatmeal, leaving your hands feeling soft, smooth, and protected.

Turn handwashing from a chore into a calming rite, leaving you feeling centered and pampered. (All the better for cuddling your pup!)

January Dog Mom Box

Frudia Vegan Hand Cream and Primitives by Kathy’s ‘My Kids Have Paws’ Mini Pillow

Follow up with some extra love for your hands with our eco-friendly and luxurious hand cream! Packed with the goodness of 100% cold-pressed moringa oil, this cream delivers deep moisture with a touch of nature’s goodness. 

Crafted with a blend of plant extracts and 100% essential oils, Frudia’s vegan formula melts into skin, providing a calming sensation and a healthy dose of hydration. Breathe in the geranium and bergamot essential oils and let the spa-like aroma transport you to a tranquil meadow with your pup, all while indulging your skin in nature’s restorative touch.

Then it’s time to set the true dog-mom mood with a bit of paw-themed decor! Find the perfect spot in your home to profess your love for your furry best friend. Crafted from soft black cotton, this adorable mini-pillow by Primitives by Kathy features a sweet embroidered message that perfectly captures your love for your dog. It’s a charming addition to any pet lover’s home.


dog mom tote
dog mom box dog bandana

Spunky Pup All-Natural Biscuits and the Nice Paws Lick Mat

Unleash the fun with Spunky Pup’s Biscuit Treats in yummy Prime Rib. These all-natural, crunchy nibbles are USA handcrafted in small batches using healthy, real ingredients. Skip the artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives – Spunky Pup treats aren’t only perfect for training they are a yummy little snack for your monthly ritual, too. An expression of love at first taste, they’ll add an extra spark of joy to your shared monthly ritual.

Speaking of treats: Is there a bath on the schedule this month? Transform grooming sessions from stressful to serene with the Nice Paws Lick Mat. Shh… it’s a fun secret weapon just for you and your dog! This lick mat is the ultimate distraction just in case your pup is a little anxious in the bath, keeping them calm and happy. As a bonus, the textured surface promotes healthy chewing habits and even helps maintain good oral hygiene.

Simply spread their favorite treat on the food-safe silicone mat and let them happily lick away while you get them squeaky clean or perfectly trimmed. 

dog mom box caru dog bites
dog mom box deanan popcorn

ZippyPaws Z-Stitch Skinny Peltz Fox Toy

Unleash your pup’s inner mischief-maker with this super-cute ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz Fox. Don’t let the cuddly good looks fool you – this fox is built for fun! Crafted from super-soft plush and featuring adorable embroidered details, the Skinny Peltz Fox can handle even the most enthusiastic cuddles and chomp sessions. Plus, it’s also a champion squeaker toy!

So ditch the boring fetch routine and embrace the playful chaos during your monthly ritual this month!  As  you sit and relax, send your pup bounding back and forth with their new playmate until they settle at your side for a quiet chew session. This sweet ZippyPaws Fox is ready to become your pup’s new favorite partner-in-crime for endless hours of squeaking, snuggling, and foxy fun.

dog mom box berry cute dog toy

The March Trendy Tee

Here’s our exclusive Trendy Tee for March!  Ditch the winter blues and strut your pup pride with a brand new design. Sporting two cute pawprints on a cheerful peachy orange tee, everyone will love to see you coming but will totally get where your priorities lie: Less people, more dogs! It’s the perfect way to show off your unwavering love for your furry BFF and add a touch of pawsome flair to your everyday look.

When you join our Trendy Dog Mom T-Shirt Club or choose our VIP Box, you’ll enjoy a fresh and fashionable tee each and every month, Don’t miss out on this chance to express your inner dog mom – subscribe now or upgrade to our VIP box to snag these exclusive designs!

dog mom box trending tee

Next Month’s Sneak Peek: 

As you and your dog begin to welcome in spring with some March paw-pampering, get ready to sniff out a sneak peek of  our delightful April Dog Mom Box! Keep watch, because we’re brewing up a month filled with love, joy, and surprises just for you and your furry BFF.

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