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July Monthly Ritual – Bee-You-Tiful America

Jul 6, 2022 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

July is here, and this month it’s all about celebrating America and making your summer the best it can be. So let’s talk about the bee-you-tiful America we live in and explore adventures and places to enjoy this month! So let’s dive into all the goodies together.

Self Care Bee Soap

Oh the wonderful joys of bumble bees buzzing around and smelling all the flowers around us. Grab your bee-you-tiful lathering soap and let’s enjoy a little me time. 

It’s a hot day in the sun and as the sun begins to set there is joy in finding a wonderful late afternoon after a hot day to grab your favorite glass of wine and your bee soap to lather up in nothing but nourishing, and cleansing ingredients. Indulge in the aroma of sweet honey as you soak up in a nice bath.. 

Handcrafted Kosher Goat’s milk and premium pure gentle ingredients, enjoy!!

Bee Face Mask

The summer sun can bring on lots of extra vitamin D which is great for our skin, however we also need to be cautious of how much sun we get and keep things balanced. 

Let’s grab our face mask, and focus on boosting hydration to our face to reduce the dryness from the beating sun and making it smoother than silk in a matter of minutes. The manuka honey ingredients is perfect to help with anti-inflammatory issues with our body, so this is perfect after a long day in the summer heat. 

Keep that complexion softer and smoother with all natural ultra hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Castor Oil. Your face will thank you.

Bee-You-tiful Small Tote

In celebration of summer and the beautiful bees flying around, let’s hold all our little necessities in this cute, cotton lined blend tote with beautiful embroidery on it. You are sure to enjoy, perfect size to throw in your purse or carrying bag for all your to go items.

“Now let’s dive into our pups’ special treats and give them something to enjoy this month in the summer sun!”

Dog Accessory Bow

It’s all about American July 4th this month so let your dog enjoy it too with this cute over the collar bow tie themed with nothing but American. 

They are sure to get noticed on your daily walks with this fun & decorative themed bow on.

Made of great quality and designed for the best dog loving mama. We know you will love this, and so will your pooch!

Operation Drool Overload

Your dog will love these tasty treats and we can’t guarantee they will last long. These blueberry and peanut butter treats are in celebration and support of our troops and their pets. 

Made in the USA, wheat free, soy free and corn free – nothing but wholesome ingredients for your best loved dog cause they deserve something delicious and healthy. 





Rocket Sloth Plush Toy

Let’s have our dogs celebrate this month’s festivities with an interactive fun toy that can be tossed, crinkled or squeaked for nothing but fireworks. 

This squeaker is loud, and perfect for all dog sizes. A little tug of war or playing fetch back and forth with your pup, they are sure to enjoy its fun characteristics. We can’t wait to see how much enjoyment your pup is getting out of the toy this month, be sure to share it with us on social media.

Love your box, let us know and tag us on social media using @dogmomlifestyles to be entered to win a free box or t-shirt! 


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