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January Monthly Ritual – Dog Mom Box: Planning, Pampering, and Paw Protection

Jan 17, 2024 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

Our January Dog Mom Box is here to start off the year with a perfect blend of planning, pampering, and playful moments.

As we gracefully step into the fresh canvas of 2024, it’s not just a new year; it’s a chance for a fresh start, setting new goals, and pampering both you and your beloved furry friend.

Dog Mom Box

Time to jot down some goals with a new 24 planner

Start the year with intentionality and style! Unbox our Planner, designed to be your daily companion for tasks, goals, and cherished moments.

This planner is not just a tool; it’s a canvas for your dreams. The 2024 Calendar Year Planner boasts spacious monthly and weekly views. 

Picture this: scheduling playdates, noting self-care moments, and, of course, planning that much-needed pamper session. This planner is more than just dates; it’s your ticket to a well-organized and fabulous 2024!

January Dog Mom Box
January Dog Mom Box

Cara Tea Tree Foot Masks & Warren London Paw Defense Wax

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January is the perfect time for rejuvenation. And what better way than pampering your feet and your pup’s paws?

Indulge in the Cara Tea Tree Foot Masks, enriched with shea butter and witch hazel extract for a spa-like treatment. And don’t forget to extend that pampering to your pup with the Warren London Paw Defense Wax.

This dynamic duo ensures your feet and your furry friend’s paws are ready to take on the adventures of the new year.

Caru Baked Bites and Daily Dish Smoothies

Indulge your dog in the goodness of Caru Duck Recipe Baked Bites – a high-quality, all-natural treat that’s incredibly nutritious, irresistibly delicious, and grain-free.

The love for treats doesn’t stop there; let your dog savor the lickable bliss of Caru Daily Dish Smoothies in peanut butter flavor. It’s a treat time extravaganza that’ll have tails wagging in pure joy.

These treats aren’t just rewards; they’re expressions of love at first taste.

January Dog Mom Box

January’s Trendy Tee: My Therapist has a Wet Nose and Four Legs

Introducing our exclusive Trendy Tee for January! Wear your heart on your sleeve – literally! This month’s Dog Mom Box featured tee boasts the charming message, ‘My Therapist has a wet nose and Four Legs!!!!’ because, let’s face it, our furry friends are the best therapists, offering unconditional love and joy.

By joining our Trendy Tee club or choosing our VIP Box, you’ll enjoy a fresh and fashionable tee each month, allowing you to express your passion for your pups. 

Dog Mom Box

Perfect Toy for Your Pup’s Playtime

This month based on your pups size, you will have the perfect size toy. Hours of play time and bonding time for you both to enjoy. (Toys will vary based on your pups size)

January Dog Mom Box

Next Month’s Sneak Peek: Love is in the Air

As you bask in the treasures of January, get ready to embrace “Love is in the Air” in our February Dog Mom Box! Stay tuned for a sneak peek into a month filled with love, joy, and delightful surprises for you and your pup.

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