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The Health Benefits of Being a Dog Mom

Mar 9, 2022 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

As dog moms, we know that our pups make us feel better and can help relax us when we are getting stressed out, but do we know why?

dog mom

There are two major hormones that are affected by being around our furry bffs, and that have a huge impact on our health:

Cortisol – Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for the stress response. When cortisol levels are elevated, it can result in decreased immunity and weight gain.

Oxytocin – Oxytocin is a hormone that stimulates social bonding, increases relaxation and helps to ease stress.

The simple act of just petting a dog can lower our cortisol levels. This is something that we dog moms do throughout the day and it definitely has a positive effect on our health. Plus, it helps to relax our doggos, too!

Here are a few other benefits 

  • Lowers blood pressure – There is something called the ‘pet effect’ that directly correlates the acti of petting a pet to lowered heart rate. There have been studies done on this and it’s very much a real thing!
  • Eases loneliness & reduces the risk of depression by increasing oxytocin levels
  • Increases immune response by lowering cortisol levels
  • Reduces anxiety and stress – Dogs seem to know when we are struggling, don’t they? They become more affectionate and will often offer up some extra snuggle or petting sessions to us.

dog mom and pup

Being a dog mom can truly change your life and impact you in ways you never thought possible!

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