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Happy Furry Mom’s Day in May!

May 4, 2021 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

Spring is for Dog Moms Everywhere


Each May brings our favorite celebration of the year. The Saturday before Mother’s Day is Dog Mom’s Day!

Ever since the dog-lover’s dating app Digpitched the idea to National Day Calendar back in 2018, dog mommas have had their own special day to focus on that unique bond you share with your own furry four-legged kid. Lovingly placed the day before Mother’s Day, moms of every kind get to celebrate all weekend long.

Let your day inspire you to live the best life ever with your dog at your side. You’ll definitely want some one-on-one time with an extra-long walk or a morning snuggle on the couch. There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate!

Update your portrait

Where’s that “Dog Mom’s Day” selfie? You’ve got tons of images of your dog, but how many of the two of you together, or family-style? Deck your dog out in one of the bow ties from one of our previous Dog Mom Lifestyles boxes, get outside in the spring sunshine, put your smartphone in portrait mode and snap some new pics to share online with the #DogMomsDay hashtag. Don’t forget to tag us, too (#dogmomlifestyle) so we can celebrate with you.

Treat your dog. Treat yourself.

If your pup has already gobbled down the treats from your most recent Ritual Box (we’re betting they have) warm up your home with the baked aroma of these easy peanut-butter dog treats. They have just three simple, natural ingredients.

  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut Butter
  • Banana

That’s it! Check out the recipe and pamper your pup!

Better yet, if you have children of the human sort, let them have fun with easy measuring, mixing and baking so you and your dog can relax, snuggle or play some hide-the-toy together. After all, Mother’s Day is your weekend.

No furless kids available to take on the task? We promise this recipe is really, really simple to whip up yourself, so you won’t be spending more than an hour in the kitchen. Your dog will worship both you and your baking skills.

Enjoy spring safely

It’s a glorious time to get outside with your dog. The new grass is a vivid green, leaves are unfurling, flowers are pushing out of the ground, and you both probably have a happy case of spring fever. One part of being a good Mom, though, is keeping a careful eye out for your furry kids. It’s easy to get a little giddy over the warm weather and overlook these spring hazards:

  • The thickening grass can hide sharp objects that accumulated along sidewalks and roadsides over the winter. Check your yard and keep an eye out for where your dog steps as you enjoy spring hikes together.
  • Sticks uncovered by the spring thaw can cause choking or mouth injuries. Bring a safe fetch or tug toy along to distract your dog from any “prizes” found while walking.
  • Chemicals like antifreeze from the cold season could be sitting out in your garage. Do a quick spring cleaning around the outside of your home.
  • Those awful ticks and fleas are already out and about! Make that call to your veterinarian to get up-to-date on parasite preventative.

Just a couple of quick spring mom-chores will help you and your dog enjoy the return of warm weather, worry-free.

Spring is the season of renewal for Dog Moms, too.

We see you there, leaning into the perfume of new spring flowers and delighting in the returning songbirds. Are you also reflecting on the changes you experienced personally this past 12 months? It was an odd year, wasn’t it? You had to rely on wits and compassion to try to keep everyone in your bubble safe during the lockdown.

How much better this journey has been (and will be) with your dog beside you!

Dogs radiate love with just a tail-wag, a wiggle, and a toothy smile – no touching required. You have no better social distancing mentor. If dogs can beam joy, so can we!

Studies show that dogs make us happier and healthier, bring moments of joy into daily life and cause our brains to release hormones that not only bond us closer to our dogs, but also wrap us in a better mood overall. Chances are you’re a better person this spring, and a better parent and friend, because of the loyalty, love and patience your dog shares with you.

For that reason — and lots of others — celebrate this May as your Dog Mom month of renewal. Relax, rejuvenate, rejoice and have fun with your dog!

It’s your month. Pamper yourself!

We’re so glad you and your dog are on this spring journey with us. If you aren’t yet a member of our Dog Style Lifestyles ritual box family, let us surprise you with joy each and every month. We wish a Happy Dog Mom’s Day chorus of barks, yips and wiggle-butts to Dog Moms everywhere!

Barks and xoxox,

Dog Mom Lifestyles