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February Monthly Ritual – Dog Mom Box: Love Is In the Air

Feb 21, 2024 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

Step out with your pup into a lovable and huggable February with our delightful love-themed Dog Mom Box!

This month’s box is filled with love, joy, and tasty treats curated for you and your furry companion to celebrate this very special season. Let’s make your February a celebration of the beautiful bond you share with your pup.

contents of february valentine's dog mom box

Oatmeal, Buttermilk and Manuka Honey Epsom Salt Soak

Pamper yourself with our latest addition to the Dog Mom Box – the Colloidal Oatmeal, Buttermilk & Manuka Honey Epsom Salt soothing soak After Sun soothing soak, and experience the transformative power of Nature’s goodness on your skin

Handcrafted in San Antonio, Texas, and packaged especially for you and Dog Mom Lifestyles, this rejuvenating blend is perfect for replenishing your skin and relaxing your soul  – a must-have for every dog mom embracing their monthly ritual of self-care.

January Dog Mom Box

Must-Have Dog Mom Delight: A Sweet Tote Bag and Love-Red Bandana

Profess your love for dogs everywhere with our exclusive oatmeal-colored Tote Bag featuring an adorable dog and heart design with vibrant red handles.

As a perfect complement, our beautiful bandana in bold red with the words ‘Love,’ a heart, and paw print adds charm and style. You can swing along with your tote and your dog can sport their bright bandana – a perfect pair in love! Embrace convenience, fun, and style with this delightful duo.

dog mom tote
dog mom box dog bandana

Caru Salmon Recipe Baked Bites and Deanan Gourmet Popcorn

Satisfy your dog’s taste buds with the delectable Caru Salmon Recipe Baked Bites – a soft and tasty treat that’s crafted with care — a delightful combination of nutrition and flavor.

These treats are more than a yummy reward during training or fun. They are an expression of love at first taste, adding an extra layer of joy to your shared monthly ritual.

And don’t forget to unwind with your very own special Valentine taste treat: luscious vanilla Deanan Gourmet Popcorn!

This duo of treats will add a dash of delight to you and your pup’s snack time together!

dog mom box caru dog bites
dog mom box deanan popcorn

‘You’re Berry Cute’ Dog Toy

Play is always the very best part of your monthly ritual with your dog! Introducing the ‘You’re Berry Cute’ Dog Toy – a delightful addition to our Love is in the Air Dog Mom Box.

This strawberry-shaped rope toy is not just a colorful plush companion for your furry friend to fetch and toss; it’s a sweet, bright gesture of love and joy.

Watch your pup enjoy endless play and affection with this berry cute addition to their toy collection!

dog mom box berry cute dog toy

February’s Trendy Tee

Introducing our exclusive Trendy Tee for February! Wear your heart on your sleeve – literally! This month’s Dog Mom Box featured tee sports a charming image of two artsy pups putting their heads together in love.

When you join our Trendy Dog Mom T-Shirt Club or choose our VIP Box, you’ll enjoy a fresh and fashionable tee each and every month, Wear your passion for your pups where everyone can see, and smile each time you look in your closet! 

dog mom box trending tee
Dog Mom Box

Next Month’s Sneak Peek: 

As you bask in February love, get ready to embrace our March Dog Mom Box! Stay tuned for a sneak peek into a brand new month filled with love, joy, and delightful surprises for you and your pup.

Fill your calendar with a full year’s worth of special days to celebrate together with your dog!

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