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9 Hot Tips for Dog Beach Days

Jun 7, 2022 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

Teach your dog to swim

Unlike some dogs who are ready for the water the moment they set eyes on it, other dogs are not. We can’t assume that all dogs are interested in the water. Some might be fearful and too afraid to go in, of course not if you have a lab 🙂
Consider easing your dog into the water by providing them with dog swimming lessons. So they become more comfortable with the water and enjoy it more.


Find Fresh Water and Shade

Just like humans its important that dogs are not exposed to too much heat to cause overheating or exhaustion. So come prepared and find a tree with shaded areas or bring a tent for your dog so they can enjoy some shade when they feel too warm. It’s also very important that your dog is well hydrated so bring lots of water and a portable dog bowl so they can drink throughout the day.

Summer is here and that brings us hot days ahead. Perfect to spend at the beach with your pup, after all beach days are way more fun with your dog with you than not. If you plan to hit the sand with your fur baby be sure to follow these tips to make sure your dog is taken care of and has the best experience. 


When taking your dog to the beach, let’s make sure that beach takes dogs!

You’re getting ready to head to the beach and you arrive with your dog, only to find out that this beach is “NO DOGS ALLOWED” – way to ruin a fun day planned right. So be sure to check the local rules before you head out. This way you are prepared and ready for a fun hot day at the beach from Norfolk to Oahu, San Diego to New York City dog-friendly beaches and swimming spots abound.

Other options include soaking up the sun at your local off-leash dog parks or even dedicated dog beaches. They continue to make things easier for dog moms to bring their dogs with them, so let’s discover some pet-friendly destinations to head to with your pup. When it comes to spending quality time with your canine friend whether running along the shoreline or going on a vacation, there is definitely options to include them with you so they don’t need to be left at home.

Stay Sun Protected

Just like us dog moms, dogs are susceptible to burning too. Especially if they have light skin or fur and have a naturally short coat of hair. They can also be at risk for skin cancer too, so making sure they are protected is crucial.

Put your focus on their face and ears, as this will be the first place for sun damage. You can protect your dog easily with the purchase of sunscreen made for pets.  You can also find designer sun shirt    especially for dogs to protect them from the sun and the harmful rays when enjoying a day at the beach.

Another way to avoid harmful sun on you and your dog, is to go to the beach during times that the sun is less invasive and less intense. Later in the evening is a good time to go, or early mornings as well as this avoids the brightest parts of the day.

Steer clear of choppy water

When at the beach, its important to find areas for your pup that are safe and not too busy. Try to look for a spot with calm water. Even when your dog is adventurous and loves to swim, areas with rough water, rip tides are dangerous spots for your dog to swim.

Don’t be afraid to give your dog some extra protection when at the beach and find them a cute & adorable dog life vest. . You’ll have so much more fun at the beach knowing your fur pup is safe and has extra protection when needed.


Watch what they drink

Even though dogs love the taste of salt water, it’s not good for them. Too much salt will cause them to have an upset tummy and cause diarrhea and vomiting. So be on the lookout for them to not be drinking the beach water, instead come prepared with plenty of fresh water for them to drink and stay hydrated.

Keep a look out for dangerous items

When we are exposed to sand with our pups, there are going to be things hidden beneath the sand that we may not see. However can be very harmful if exposed, such as broken glass, rocks, fish hooks, coral, and even garbage which can also be harmful to your dog depending on what it is.

It’s also important to watch the temperature of the sand as this can become very hot. As a dog mom you might be wearing sandals and not notice the heat but it can be very hard on your pups paws. Try getting them some dog booties or instead get closer to the water and walk your dog along the edge to keep their paws cool.


Rinse Well

After a fun day at the beach and in the water, now its time to groom yourself of beach germs and your pup before you head home. Most local beaches will have an area to rinse off, and get all the sand off your skin so you don’t get itchy later or have skin irritation from the sand and salt.

A quick rinse is important and simple to do to keep your pup fresh and odor free.


Pick up that poop

If you’re headed to the beach with your furry friend, make sure you take care of his mess that he may need to do while your out in the sun. Pick up after your pet so the beach stays clean. Often many dog friendly beaches will have poop stations along the beach with dog bags but it’s also important to bring your own.

There is no need to leave your dog home if they are free to join, with some preparation and caution you are sure to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach with your furry friend.


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