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August Monthly Ritual – Sun-Kissed Adventures: Unboxing the Ultimate Dog Mom Summer Collection for Fun in the Sun and Beach Bliss

Aug 10, 2023 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

As the summer sun shines bright, I’m thrilled to present this month’s dog mom box, centered around the refreshing vibes of beach time and the importance of self-care. This month, it’s all about keeping your face protected and moisturized under the sun’s warm embrace. Inspired by the sparkling sands and calming waves, I curated this box to encapsulate the essence of the beach – a place where both relaxation and vitality come together.

The allure of the beach isn’t just in the waves and sand; it’s also about the feeling of the sun-kissed breeze against your skin and the rejuvenation it brings. It’s this sense of invigoration that led me to craft this box, reminding us dog moms that amidst our busy lives, we deserve moments of tranquility and self-indulgence. The idea behind this collection is to help you embrace the beauty of the beach and harness its essence for your own well-being. So, let’s dive into the treasures that lie within this month’s box, balancing self-care and quality time with our four-legged companions. As the summer unfolds, let’s make sure that we, just like our pups, bask in the warmth of self-care and radiate the glow of pure contentment.

august dog mom box

Hyaluronic SunBlock Creme

Introducing the ultimate summer essential for dog moms – the Hyaluronic UV Shield Sunblock Cream from Farm Stay, with an impressive SPF of 50+! This delightful cream not only protects your skin from the sun’s rays but also infuses it with the goodness of hyaluronic acid for a burst of hydration. Imagine enjoying beach days with your pup, knowing that your face is shielded from the sun while feeling beautifully moisturized – it’s a sunblock that pairs perfectly with your dog mom lifestyle, ensuring you’re ready to seize the day under the summer sun.

hyaluronic acid UV shield sunblock creme

Mini Berry Lip Sleeping Mask

Your secret weapon for kissably soft lips all summer long! This little wonder works its magic while you sleep, treating your lips to a berry-infused oasis of hydration. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a luscious pout that’s ready to take on beach adventures with your pup. It’s a lip treat that lets you wake up with a smile and enjoy the sun-soaked days ahead. 

lip mask for dog moms

Aloe Soothing Face Mask

Indulge in the soothing goodness of our Aloe Soothing Face Mask – a refreshing oasis for your skin after a day of beachside fun!  This mask is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, infused with the calming power of aloe vera to gently rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, let your skin drink in the nourishment, and revel in the afterglow of sun-kissed self-care.

aloe face mask for dog moms

Tell your Dog I said Hi hat

The perfect accessory for dog moms who want to showcase their love for their pups in style! This cap not only shields your face from the summer sun but also sends a fun and heartfelt message to fellow dog lovers. Whether you’re on a beach walk with your pup or simply enjoying some outdoor relaxation, this cap is a chic and playful way to express your dog mom pride. Let the world know that your heart is where your pup is, and strut your stuff with a smile, knowing your dog is right there with you in spirit! 

tell your dog I said hi hat for dog moms

T-Shirt for August VIP Box 

Introducing our August Trendy Tee Dog Mom Shirt – a custom-designed masterpiece featuring the adorable quote “Spread Love Like Dog Hair”. This exclusive tee not only adds a touch of canine charm to your wardrobe but also lets you express your dog mom love with style. Embrace the joy of wearing a new shirt every month and showcase your passion for pups while supporting our pups. Don’t miss out – visit our online store and grab your limited edition tee today!

spread love like dog hair august trendy tee t-shirt

Get ready to make a splash with the dog items this month! It’s time to pamper your pups and enjoy those sandy paws and wet-nosed moments. Let’s dive into a world of joy, and endless summer adventures with our pups!

Bark Brittle Dog Treats

Unleash a fiesta with our Spunky Pup Bark Brittle Dog Treats – crafted with just beef liver and rice, because simple and delicious is how we roll!  These treats are a pup-approved delight, fueling playtime antics and happy dances. Packed with clean ingredients, these bites of joy are a must for any dog mom looking to treat their dog to wholesome goodness. 

dog treats for dog moms and their pups

Spring Flower Bouquet for Dog Collar

Elevate your pup’s style game with our adorable Spring Bouquet Flower – the perfect accessory to make tails wag on their next adventure! This charming collar flower adds a touch of fashion flair to your pups ensemble, turning heads and spreading smiles wherever you go. Let your pup strut their stuff with this trendy accessory that’s as cute as it is playful – because who says pups can’t be fashion icons too? 

spring bouquet flower for dogs

Zippy Paws Walrus Toy

A squeaky symphony of fun that’s bound to make your pup’s tail wag in delight! This adorable toy isn’t just a plaything; it’s an invitation to a world of joy and endless games. The squeaky sounds will set hearts racing as your pup enjoys hours of playful escapades. Let the playfulness unfold and see your dog’s eyes light up with every delightful squeak – because at the end of the day, happiness is as simple as a happy pup and a squeaky toy!

zippy paws walrus toy for dog moms

Next month’s theme: Autumn Bliss: Embracing moments of Reflection

We are so excited to share with you the September box. It’s full of all the warmth and beauty of fall to enjoy some self care for you and your pup in the cozy season of autumn.