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April Monthly Ritual – Dog Mom Box: Love and a Dog

Apr 19, 2024 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

We’ve brewed up a heartwarming April ritual for you this month, centered around the theme of ‘Love and a Dog!’ Our special Dog Mom Box for April invites you to rise and shine to mornings of self-care, warmth, and play with your furry BFF.

As April ushers in showers and bright hints of spring, we’re here to ensure you and your furry companion stay snug and content with a thoughtfully curated box designed to lavish you both with relaxation, affection, and delightful treats. From soothing eye care to a beautiful mug full of decadent chocolate, plus (of course!) lots of goodies for your furry best friend, each handpicked item promises to make your April spring mornings together extra cozy and filled with love, joy, and precious memories.


contents of february valentine's dog mom box

Soothing Hydrogel Eye Patches

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let these soothing eye masks transport you to a state of tranquility each and every morning. These luxurious patches open your April ritual with a spa-like experience right at home. Immerse yourself in the calming essence of Bulgarian rose water, renowned for its hydrating benefits, leaving the delicate skin around your eyes and brows supple and radiant, with a rejuvenated glow. With 60 patches per package, this luxury will stretch your eye-soothing ritual into May, too! Rest assured, Heimish products are cruelty-free!

January Dog Mom Box

Totally Pettable Reversible Bandana

Double the morning fun by dressing your dog for the day in this adorable reversible bandana. This fringed neckcloth features two pawsitively charming messages: “Totally Pettable” on one side and “Tell Me I’m Cute” on the other. Which one will you choose first?

Made from comfy, machine-washable cotton, the slip-on design keeps the bandana in place and makes switching messages a breeze – just slide it around their collar for a whole new look!  The bright embroidery and striped pattern add a touch of playful style to any walk or cuddle session. 

*Your dog may have discovered a different bandana in your box, depending on their size!


dog mom tote
dog mom box dog bandana

All You Need is Love Dog Mug and Decadent Cocoa Bomb

Wrap your hands around this stoneware mug from Primitives by Kathy, and quietly repeat its heartwarming mantra: All you need is love and a dog!  It’s the perfect companion for your morning routine with your furry best friend. Brew a big cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and cuddle up on the couch with your pup, savoring quiet morning moments. This matte black mug is adorned with pawprints and the loving message in a unique chalk art style. It’s the perfect reminder that all you really need is your dog’s devotion to begin your day perfectly.

Now fill that mug with dark chocolate indulgence!  Drink in pure bliss with our Classic Dark Chocolate Cocoa Bomb. This sweet round treat is a bundle of creamy dark chocolate deliciousness.  The luxurious dark chocolate shell gives way to a rich, hot chocolate mix bursting with mini marshmallows. Topped with a delightful milk chocolate drizzle, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a morning of pure enjoyment.  Let rich dark chocolate melt away any morning worries so you can enjoy starting the day with your pup. Pure bliss!

dog mom box caru dog bites

ZippyPaws Bottle Crusherz Toy

Relax with your mug of morning warmth and watch your dog bat, toss, and chase their new otter playmate! Playtime becomes a symphony of crinkling and squeaking with this brightly colored Bottle Crusherz toy. Your dog will love the satisfying crunch of an empty water bottle inside a safe, plush toy. There’s also a special squeaky cap that adds yet another layer of interactive play. When the bottle is finally spent, just swap it out for another plastic bottle from your stash of recycling, toss in the squeaky cap, and keep the fun going!

Celebrate you monthly unboxing ritual with a sensory play session, building that bond of love and fun with your dog.

*Your pup may have received a different toy based on their size.


dog mom box berry cute dog toy

The April Trendy Tee

Here’s our exclusive Trendy Tee for April! As a dog mom, you’re not just about loving your own dog — you’re about loving every dog! This baby blue shirt with an earth-tone vibe and bright lettering bids a big “Hello!” to every dog mom you meet and their own canine BFF!

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dog mom box trending tee
dog mom box trending tee

Next Month’s Sneak Peek: 

As you and your dog snuggle into the warming mornings together with April self-care, let’s ponder what’s coming in our delightful May Dog Mom Box next month!  Here’s a hint: Are you ready to save some May memories with your dog? Why not subscribe and find out! 

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