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5 Reasons You Can Never Have Too Many Photographs of Your Dog

Jul 19, 2021 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

With a smartphone in your pocket, you are always just a fingertip away from a camera. 

With a dog in your life, you always have a reason to pull it out. 

Every devoted Dog Mom already has a hundred pictures of their dog sleeping in silly poses. Yet the very next time your pup flops down in a patch of sunlight, you take another pic, and another … and another. Every moment of a dog’s life seems both perfect and unique.


Why are we suggesting that Dog Moms should take even more photographs of their dogs? 

We’ve got 5 great reasons, and they are all solidly grounded in happiness.

1. You take pics of things that make you smile. Looking at them makes you smile again.

Of course, we do sometimes take photos of the “oh crap” moments in our lives. Think storm-toppled trees and crumpled car fenders. However, we most often leap for our smartphones when we see something awesome that we want to freeze in time and keep from slipping out of our memory.

Dogs give us so many of those moments. They bounce into mud puddles, curl up in the cat’s bed, and become impossibly cute when they fall asleep with their nose on their favorite toy. All a dog has to do is tilt their head to the side and Dog Moms everywhere melt.  

I say you can never have too many happy moments. Revisiting the sweetest and silliest moments of our dog’s lives fill us with amusement and love. If your smartphone is within reach right now, why not spend a just few moments scrolling. See how quickly your heart warms up!

2. Dog pics are a remedy for every awkward silence.

When you find yourself standing with people you don’t know very well, nothing banishes the uncomfortable fidgets and self-conscious weather chatter faster than a picture of your pooch. 

A pretend text is the perfect excuse to pull out your phone. Then just smile, tilt the phone screen toward your new companions, and let your dog’s irresistible image work its magic. Soon everyone will be digging for their own phones to share pups, cats, kids, gardens, and sunsets. There’s no faster way to turn strangers into friends.

 3. Your own story lives within every dog photo you take.

Your pup is fast asleep in the silliest of position. You can’t resist taking a photo of those four legs all pointing in different directions. You probably don’t even notice that your dog is resting his head on your favorite college sweatshirt or that he’s curled up in that comfy chair you got second-hand from a close friend. 

Years later, you look through a progression of pet photos and see your life story knitted together inside the images of all of the dogs you ever loved. 

You’ve long since moved from that apartment in the picture. The hand-me-down chair was finally replaced with your very first store-bought furniture. You wonder about the friend who gifted you the chair. Where are they now? As you rack your brain trying to remember if you still own that beloved sweatshirt, you suddenly recall the day at college when you bought it. $25 seemed incredibly expensive back then, but you loved that sweatshirt and wore it everywhere.

All of this from just one photograph of your sleeping pup.

Why should you take more photos of your dog? Because they keep safe all those small but wonderful memories that you might otherwise lose to time.

4. Taking pictures of your dog helps you become a better photographer

Maybe you don’t aspire to open a photography studio, but the more photos you take, the better you get at it. Digital photography may bless us with endless do-overs (do you remember the expensive agony of film?), but our human subjects are often less than patient. If you get everyone lined up for a family photo and then discover the sun is in the wrong spot, OH THE GROANING when you ask them to line up all over again.

Dogs, though — they don’t mind at all! Your dog will happily follow you from room to room as you look for the best background. They’ll gladly join you outside in the early morning or evening to catch that golden hour of diffused light that’s best for outdoor portraits.

Dogs will sit for a treat and perk up their ears at the sound of a squeaky toy. They don’t make you redo the shot if their tongue is out or their eyes are closed. They do have one fault as a model, however. They have a tendency to move in for a kiss when you crouch down at eye-level to capture a close-up.

Dog Moms consider that kiss more of a reward than a fault.

5. Your dog is just way too cute in Dog Mom Lifestyles bows, bandanas and collar bling.

Unboxing time has arrived! Your dog is nosing curiously through the pink crinkle paper, sniffing out hidden surprises and giving that soft new toy a shake. After you fasten that sweet flower on your pup’s collar —just right — it’s definitely time for another portrait.

A dog’s portrait is more than just a picture. It’s a moment in time you can return to again and again, with more than a little wonder. At Dog Mom Lifestyles, we try to give you as many reasons as possible to make even more memories.


Barks and xoxox,

Dog Mom Lifestyles