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Are You Ready to Raise a Highly Energetic and Intelligent Dog?

Jan 7, 2023 | Dog Mom Lifestyles

We often see posts on social media about how people want a dog that is highly energetic and intelligent. They are seen as the perfect dogs for running, playing fetch, and being our forever loyal friend. Although these qualities are true for many dogs, people often overlook the downsides to having a dog with high energy levels. For example, a hyperactive dog might never stop moving and could make it difficult to have a conversation or watch television in peace. Secondly, an intelligent dog requires stimulation and if they don’t get enough of it they can become bored which leads to destructive behaviors. Lastly, while all dogs need exercise, walks, and playtime – a highly energetic dog will need even more than the average pup!

So before you go out and adopt or purchase your next furry friend – really think about if you are prepared to handle a high energy breed. In this blog post we will provide some tips on how to care for such a pup as well as some popular high energy breeds that people often choose without knowing what they are getting themselves into!

Here are 4 of the top highly energetic dogs that so many of us love & adore!

Jack Russell Terriers
Pit Bulls
German Shepherds

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, but mighty dog that is known for its high energy and intelligence.

The Jack Russell Terrier is an impressive dog breed, as it’s rather small in size but still possesses great strength and energy. It is renowned for being an active and intelligent companion, making it a great choice for anyone looking to have an enjoyable pet. Thanks to its outgoing nature, the Jack Russell is amongst the most trainable breeds, allowing owners to teach their pet new skills with relative ease. It has also been noted for its resilience and eagerness to please its handler, which is why many owners find this breed so rewarding as a devoted companion.

The Pit Bull is a loyal and loving dog that has unfortunately been misunderstood by many.

The pit bull is an unfairly maligned breed of dog with a reputation for aggression and unsavory behaviors. In reality, they are faithful companions with great intelligence and loyalty that is unmatched among most other breeds. They thrive on attention and affection, often forming strong bonds with their human owners as well as other pets in the home. Unfortunately, overbreeding and unethical training practices along with media sensationalism have contributed to their unjustly negative image in society. Understanding the nature of these wonderful dogs can help to combat these stereotypes and allow them to be treated with the respect and admiration that they rightfully deserve.

The Rottweiler is a large and powerful dog that is also very intelligent and protective of its family.

The Rottweiler is defining by its strength and intelligence. This mighty dog breed is known for both its physical and mental capabilities. They have the ability to learn quickly and develop a strong bond with those they trust. Rottweilers are an incredibly loyal dog breed and are known to be fiercely protective of their family. The Rottweiler’s intimidating size alone makes them an exceptional guard dog and they will stop at nothing when it comes to providing security. Despite their imposing look, these powerful pups are actually great around children. In addition, they make wonderful companions who will love you unconditionally.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world and is known for its loyalty, obedience, and intelligence.

The German Shepherd is a versatile and beloved pet, adored by owners for its trainability and admired by others for its strong and elegant physique. As one of the most recognizable breeds in the world, it is no wonder that they are heralded as one of the best working dog breeds available; this is due to their intense loyalty, intelligence, power, and capacity to learn commands. Whether you’re looking for a loving companion or an ambitious working dog, the German Shepherd remains at the top of the list with compelling traits making them an attractive breed for anyone who appreciates canine companionship.

All of these dog breeds are great choices for families looking for a new furry friend. They are all incredibly intelligent and have the potential to be loyal and loving companions. However, it’s important to do your research before getting any type of dog, as each breed has unique needs and characteristics that may not be a good fit for every family. Do you have any experience with these breeds? Let us know in the comments below!